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GoSolo is Primerica's voice communication and messaging provider. GoSolo is specifically designed to propel your financial services business to the next level. GoSolo is a powerful suite of team building services designed to communicate the way you do and link everyone in your network together.

GoSolo's Business Building Tools
Business Communications
It's How You Communicate
There is no better way to build on each other's successes, drive recruitment and deliver results than interactive voice communications. Send, receive and archive Fax documents, send voicemails, audio conferencing, everything you need for your business communications.

Communication Toolbox
  • Personal Toll-Free Number
  • 24/7 Virtual Assistant
  • Electronic Fax Service
  • Voicemail / Email / Fax / Text
  • Contact Management

Power Up Your Team
  • Recruit / Train / Motivate / Retain
  • Group / Team Broadcast Messaging
  • Scheduled Messaging
  • Secure Content Delivery
  • Audio and Web Conferencing
  • Message Notification
Key Features for Growth
  • POL Integration
  • Leadership and Motivational Communications
  • Web-based Access
  • Integrated Hierarchy Lists (RVPs, BaseShop)
  • Find Me / Follow Me
  • Cost-Effective Tool

The Tool That Helps Build Your Business
GoSolo OFFICE is the ultimate business building tool to manage, recruit, motivate, maintain, and train your team for success.

All your internal team and external customer communications (voice messages, e-mail and faxes) in one unified location. Virtual Assistant provides 24 x 7 access for you and your customers.

Prospect / Recruit
Look professional with a toll-free number. Publish your number on business cards and collateral; promote your services and your opportunity.

Motivate / Retain

Easily share your insights and successes with the rest of the team with message broadcasting.
Keep your team communications active and positive.


Utilize audio conferencing or web conferencing to provide a visual and interactive experience that can be played back later.

How Can GoSolo Help Me Succeed in Primerica?
Boost your business with the toll-free, 24x7 convenience that your GoSolo Virtual Assistant provides to route calls, take messages or accept faxed business applications. GoSolo provides unified management of all your communications (voice messages, faxes and e-mail) in a message center available from anywhere at anytime by web or telephone. Broadcast to your Base Shop, RVPs and custom lists with ease. Audio conferencing and optional web conferencing allows you to recruit, train, motivate and retain a “high performance” team ready for action.

GoSolo is integrated into Primerica Online (POL) so your direct contacts come preloaded in your account. Keeping in touch with everyone in your organization was never easier!

Get Started Today!
If you're serious about making your Primerica business a success, then sign up for your GoSolo number today and start unleashing the strength of the Primerica/GoSolo Network.  

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Choose a plan that's right for you and your Primerica business.


Phone & Web Based


$15 USD Activation Fee Applies
$20.95 CAD/month
$20 CAD Activation Fee Applies
Apply Online and Activation is FREE

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OR You Can Sign Up For An Account at
GoSolo Office is integrated with how you do business:
  • Send, receive, and archive FAXES electronically without a fax machine or dedicated phone line.
  • Your 24/7 VIRTUAL ASSISTANT uses your schedule so you never miss an important call.
  • Make one call to easily record and send messages using your POL lists with GoSolo's BROADCAST MESSAGING.
  • Broadcast TEXT MESSAGE reminders to your team.
  • One TOLL-FREE NUMBER gives you access from home, the office, on the road or anywhere.
  • Voice Activated ADDRESS BOOK.
  • Conduct AUDIO CONFERENCE calls or WEB CONFERENCING meetings.

GoSolo Web Communicator

Plugged In - 100% Web Based


$3.99 CAD/month
No Activation Fee

Click to Signup

OR You Can Sign Up For An Account at
Looking for an easy way to communicate
with your entire group?
  • Originate and send voice messages directly from your PC
  • Forward voice messages with comments
  • Reply to messages
  • Upload pre-recorded audio messages
    (most popular formats supported)
  • Broadcast to team lists (Choose an auto-populated
    list OR create your own!)


Preview - 100% Web Based

FREE Preview   Included with POL
You Can Activate Your Account at

Brought to you by GoSolo and POL.
Experience for yourself how GoSolo communication works on the Primerica Network. Hear first hand about the success and growth within your organization. News, events, promotions, contests and much more! LISTENER receives voicemail messages from your Leadership and other team members into your own personal online message center. LISTENER ensures you and your associates have up-to-date information.

Broadcast Messaging
Bring your team together
Values Benefits
  • Leadership, team-building, and reaping the rewards of combined success.
  • Create and Send Voice Messages with GoSolo: a team-building tool to recruit, train, communicate and retain your network.
  • Broadcast messages now reach all your team members who have POL or GoSolo. It’s as easy as saying “Send to My Base Shop” or “Send to My RVP’s”.

Virtual Assistant
Be everywhere at once
Values Benefits
  • Freedom to truly be your own boss.
  • Schedule when/where GoSolo can find you, set up message notifications to your cell phone, adjust to your schedule.
  • Professional greeting and answering service with customizable call handling.
  • Incoming faxes are automatically received and stored electronically.

Introducing Anytime Minutes
Earn a lot without spending a lot
Values Benefits
  • Save time and save money; grow your business even faster.

  • GoSolo OFFICE plan now includes 1,000 Anytime Minutes! Use your FREE 1,000 minutes of connected calls each month on features like Find Me/Follow Me, Call Screening and Dial by Name.
  • Save time and money growing your business faster with Anytime Minutes. Audio conferencing and outbound faxing is not included.

Electronic Fax Services
Instant file exchange = fast results
Values Benefits
  • Cost-effective, easy information management to support solid decisions.
  • Inbound Faxing - Have faxes sent to your toll-free number and view them in your inbox as a PDF or TIF. Forward them to your printer or send to another fax machine or archive them for future reference. Automatically format documents for importing into your Virtual Base Shop files.
  • Outbound Faxing - Send faxes right from your PC. Send almost any industry standard document to any fax destination including fax machines, other OFFICE accounts or fax-enabled computers.

Text Messaging
Accelerate your communications for faster results
Values Benefits
  • Instantaneous information on the go, no matter your location.
  • Team reminders
  • Breaking news
  • Promotions
  • Product updates
  • Send text alerts from your phone or online to any contact or broadcast list.
  • You choose your audience - within Primerica or a recruit or prospect.

Audio Conferencing
A large group in the palm of your hand
Values Benefits
  • Professional, modern image for your business.
  • Enables you to meet with up to 50 callers.
  • Set up a "Meet Me" audio conference with invitations, PIN numbers, payment options, etc.
  • Create an "Express" audio conference, when you're on the fly, that doesn't require a PIN.

Web Conferencing
High tech simplified, smart and easy
Values Benefits
  • More capability, more business.
  • Add the convenience of a full-featured Web conferencing solution to your business.
  • Share presentations with people across the country, without the travel expenses.
  • Even share videos and live events as they happen, anything you can run on your desktop.

Contact Management
Keeping in touch with your Baseshop, your RVPs, and your customers was never easier!
Values Benefits
  • A single place for your business contacts for fast, accurate updates.
  • Create, send, and receive internal group messages.
  • Integrated into POL so your direct contacts come preloaded in your account.

POL Integration
Get Online and Get Plugged In

To get on the Primerica/GoSolo network, click on the GoSolo link located on top of every POL page and on the MyPOL home page. This takes you to a signup options page to select an OFFICE plan or preview GoSolo with a LISTENER plan. Once you have your GoSolo account, this link will show you how many new messages you have, just click to go straight to your Message Center Inbox.

Non-POL Users can sign up from this site, your Primerica Solution Number is required. You can then use this site to login to your account at any time.

Application Demo

GoSolo Quick Features Demo

View Demo
Take a quick look at GoSolo’s suite of communication tools. It’s a self-paced visual tour through GoSolo’s web pages with web and phone tips on how GoSolo is used on a daily basis to help grow your Primerica business.

What is GoSoloTXT?
R U Ready 2 TXT? Now U Can!

That’s right, now you can send text messages from your desktop or cell phone to your entire team using GoSoloTXT. Your messages are delivered instantly to the mobile phones of your downline or prospective recruits.

With GoSoloTXT, you can broadcast text messages to any audience whether they’re in Primerica or considering the opportunity. Deliver “must-have”, time-sensitive information directly to your team regarding last minute meeting reminders, breaking news, contests, product changes and more! Save time and save money; grow your business even faster.

For more details on how to opt-in to receive GoSoloTXT messages from your upline or corporate leadership, and set up your mobile phone to send text messages, visit http://primerica.gosolo.com/txt

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Mark Yozipovic's Testimonial
SNSD, Scottsdale, AZ
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NSD, Calgary, Alberta
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GoSolo Introduction Video
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GoSolo's Premier Business Building Tool

"It's a must-have tool if you're serious about running a successful business!"

Resource Library
Customer Service
Hours of Operation
8 am - 12 midnight EST
7 days a week  

GoSolo Signup FormGoSolo Signup Form   (right-click name to "Save Target As...")
Grab this form when you want to distribute to your downline or potential recruits. The form can be faxed or mailed in to signup a new account.
GoSolo BrochureGoSolo Brochure
A handy collateral piece to review the GoSolo services and distribute to your team to entice them to join the Primerica/GoSolo Network.
Using GoSolo Reference GuideGoSolo Reference Guide
An overview of getting started with GoSolo, shows how to login, setup greetings and navigate menus on the phone and web site.
GoSolo Pocket GuideGoSolo Pocket Reference Guide
Shows all the keypad menus and voice commands. This quick reference guide can be printed and folded and kept in your purse or wallet.
GoSolo Check Payment FormGoSolo Check Payment Form GoSolo Check Payment Form - Canada
The preauthorized checking form required if you have ACH setup for your account billing.
3rd Party Authorized Use Form3rd Party Authorized Use Form
This form allows additional accounts to be billed under a third party credit card.
8XX Number Transfer Form8XX Number Transfer Form
Use this form when you already have an 8XX number that you would like to transfer over to use as your GoSolo number. An additional fee applies for this service.

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