What is text messaging?

Text messaging is an easy, fast and discrete way to share information using digital mobile phones.  Short messages up to 160 characters – typically two or three sentences – are composed using the phone’s keypad and then addressed to the area code and seven-digit number of the recipient’s mobile phone. Delivery is almost instant, and the recipient’s phone rings or vibrates to announce that a new message has been received.

What is GoSoloTXT?

GoSoloTXT takes text messaging and team collaboration to the next level with one-to-many broadcast text broadcasting.  Reach audiences of any size – instantaneously!  GoSoloTXT participants receive up-to-the-minute information and breaking news from your corporate and upline leadership.

Who can receive GoSoloTXT messages?

Anyone can receive GoSoloTXT messages whether they’re in your business or just thinking about it.

Who can send GoSoloTXT messages?

Any GoSolo OFFICE subscribers can send broadcast text messages, by handset or while online, to lists of recipients defined in their GoSolo account.

Are there any fees associated with the GoSoloTXT program?

There are no fees to join the GoSoloTXT program.  Standard messaging charges apply for text messages received through the GoSoloTXT program. 

How do I receive GoSoloTXT messages?  I'm a GoSolo subscriber.

    1. Log into your GoSolo account.
    2. Your Message Center inbox will appear.
    3. Click the GoSoloTXT banner on the left navigation panel.
    4. The TXT Settings form appears.
    5. Place a check in the box indicating 'Yes, I want to receive real-time text messages from my team to my mobile phone number.'
    6. Provide your mobile number and wireless carrier.
    7. Click Save.  A confirmation appears 'You are currently opted into the GoSoloTXT program.'

How do I receive GoSoloTXT messages?  I'm NOT a GoSolo subscriber.
From a handset - type the keyword JOIN to short code 73513.

If online - go to http://www.gosolo.com/gotxt.  Click Activate GoSoloTXT Today.  You will be prompted to provide your cell phone number and corresponding wireless carrier. Click Submit.

What is the GoSoloTXT short code? What is a short code?

The GoSoloTXT short code is 73513.  GoSolo OFFICE subscribers reference the short code when broadcasting to a target list of recipients by cell phone.  Messages received contain the short code in the FROM field.

What commands can I text to short code 73513?

The following commands can be texted to short code 73513 at any time:

JOIN - allows anyone to opt their handset into the GoSoloTXT program.
HELP - returns a URL where FAQs, Terms and Conditions, Quick Start Guide and Activate options are available.
LIST - allows anyone to broadcast to a list # in their GoSolo account using an authenticated handset.
STOP - allows anyone to opt their handset out of receiving text messages from the GoSoloTXT program.

How do I send text messages to lists in my GoSolo account?

You may send text messages to any GoSolo list you’ve created in your GoSolo account using an authenticated handset.   For example, to send a text message to your downline, send ‘LIST 28 Today’s Meeting at 10 a.m.’ to short code 73513.   If you are online, in addition to GoSolo lists, you may also send to any combination of GoSolo contacts, GoSolo numbers, cell numbers and e-mail addresses.

How do I authenticate my handset to send GoSoloTXT messages?

To send GoSoloTXT messages to lists in your account you must first identify the handset that will be used with your GoSolo account.   When you log into your GoSolo account, click on the GoSoloTXT banner on the left navigation panel.   The TXT Settings form will appear.  You will be asked to send a 5 character code to your phone and enter it on the TXT Settings form.   This will ensure that only your phone can be used to send to lists in your account.

I receive text messages that read 'GoSoloTXT options [STOP, JOIN, HELP] to 73513.'  
How do I stop this?

These are courtesy text messages that accompany (“piggyback”) each originating text message delivered to you through the GoSoloTXT program.  

To stop the courtesy text messages but continue receiving text messages through the GoSoloTXT program, text the keyword JOIN to 73513.   To discontinue all text messages received through the GoSoloTXT program, text the keyword STOP to 73513.  

Does my phone support text messaging?

Most cell phone services in the U.S. and Canada support text messaging. Consult with your service provider to validate whether your provider supports this service.

What phone providers are supported?

Currently GoSoloTXT supports the following cell phone providers in the U.S. include: Alltel, Appalachian Wireless(EKN), AT&T, Bluegrass, Boost, Cellular One of East Central Illinois(ECIT), Cellular South, Centennial, Cincinnati Bell, Cricket Wireless, General Communications Inc(GCI), Illinois Valley Cellular(IVC), Immix - PC Management, Inland Cellular, Nextel, nTelos, Revol, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile USA and West Central Wireless. In Canada: Sasktel, Bell, Telus, MTS, Fido.ca, Rogers and Virgin.

I don’t receive GoSoloTXT messages to my handset?

Typical reasons why you may not receive GoSoloTXT messages:
• Your cell phone is not capable of receiving text messages.
• Your cell phone plan may not include text messaging. Check with your wireless provider.
• If you are a GoSolo subscriber, you may not have activated the option to forward text messages to your cell phone.

How long does it take for a recipient to receive a message?

Usually it takes less than a minute. However in rare instance it may take longer.

Is it possible to identify the sender?

The sender’s signature is may be appended to the end of the text message separated with a ‘-‘ and may be up to 30 characters in length. This is optional by sender.

Can I listen to my text messages by phone?

GoSolo OFFICE users may listen to their text messages by telephone if they reside in the message center inbox. When dialing into your GoSolo account by phone say, “Listen to Email” or press buttons [1] [3] to hear all text and email messages.

How do I deactivate GoSoloTXT to my handset?

You may do so by texting the keyword STOP to the GoSoloTXT short code 73513 at anytime. If GoSoloTXT messages are still being sent to your GoSolo account, the messages will continue to appear in your message center inbox.

I send text messages to my friends today. Is GoSoloTXT the same thing?

Standard texting is a one-to-one transaction. GoSoloTXT is one-to-many transaction where one text message is sent to an audience of any size, simultaneously.

Can I reply to GoSoloTXT?

No. GoSoloTXT is currently a one-to-many broadcast delivery service only. However, you can include your cell number in your text message and request a text response if you wish that recipients respond back to you.

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